May 10, 2021
“They always report any strategies available and help increase the visibility on the OTA”
Mrs. Junita, Vayassi Hotel Through ZEN, Vayassi House, located in Jakarta Indonesia, was able to increase its revenue by over 10 times over a span of 8 months. From its first month with ZEN until now, the property managed to increase occupancy by more than 55.8% pt. The property became a Preferred Partner and...
“I love working with ZEN, they help me a lot on pricing and OTA management, which help make my property perform better than before.”
Ms. Jane, Victoria Mansions With the help of ZEN, this property was able to sustain its occupancy between 40-70% despite the current pandemic and strict regulations in the Philippines. Due to strong online management and presence, almost 93% of the proprty's bookings came from online channels and 32% of the bookings came from The...
“The pricing strategies that were given by ZEN were working really well on helping us boost the sales.”
Mr. Andri, Hotel Kupu Kupu Lembang Hotel Kupu Kupu Lembang, located in Bandung, Indonesia, was able to become a Preferred Partner and Genius Property after being managed by ZEN. Through dynamic pricing and living on multiple online channels, the property was able to increase occupancy by 7 times. Due to strong online management and...
HOTEL USING EMANAGER - 30+ rooms in Malaysia
“I chose Zen due to its extensive network and the quality of people in Zen, who are committed towards solving the hotel’s problems.”
Mr. Singh, Sunjoy9 @ Bandar Sunway “We have been partnering with ZEN since 2018. I like the fact that we don't need to worry about OTAs as ZEN Emanager is in charge of it. We don't need to look at other vendors or any employee doing similar work as ZEN has the capacity and the...
Charmaine Omod
“They are on a mission to transform hospitality in SE Asia without digressing from the basics of hospitality; customer delight, brand ethics and excellence. “
Ms. Charmaine, The Sultan “Being a hotel that prides itself on its heritage and history in Singapore, it was extremely important for us to partner with right people; something I found at ZEN Rooms way back in 2016. They are on a mission to transform hospitality in SE Asia without digressing from the basics of...