ZEN eManager Impact on Hotel Performance


Average Increase in Revenue

Via 24×7 smart pricing,
365 days into the future


Average man-hours saved daily

With automations and
advanced analytics


Satisfied clients

7 countries

The Most Advanced Pricing Algorithm

The Most Advanced Pricing Algorithm

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), our pricing engine is a product of 5 years of continuous development, testing, and improvements – helping us achieve outstanding results for our hundreds of our own properties and franchisees.

All they key data-points we constantly collect ensure we make the right pricing decisions even when you sleep

  1. Market and industry trends
  2. Historical performance
  3. Competition pricing
  4. Changes in travellers behaviour
  5. And many more

Tailor-made for Maximizing Revenue

  1. Never miss high demand opportunities
    We react quickly to changes in demand 365 days ahead, to allow you to generate maximum revenue from recovering markets, seasons and area events.Never miss peak-days sale again! 
  2. Stay on top of your competition
    We monitor the competition around you, to give you all information to make the best pricing decision.
  3. Be in control of your pricing strategy
     You can always choose to control pricing yourself, relying on advanced analytics or seat back and let our autopilot do its job.
Never miss high demand opportunities

Available add-ons to automate
your daily tasks and improve
your team efficiency:

  • World’s #1 PMS & Channel Manager
  • Reputation Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Website creation platform