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As the hospitality industry advances with more technological innovations and stiffer competition, practically every hotelier or hotel owner in their lifetime has thought about using a Hotel Management System to save time, effort and utilize maximum bookings and revenue. But if you haven’t, we will explain it to you.

What is a Hotel Management System? 

In simple words, a Hotel Management System is a package or a set of software solutions that help a hotel efficiently manage its operations. A good hotel management system would have many solutions in its package and they range from a Property Management System to a Channel Manager to a Booking Engine, CRM, and more. 

With the advent of technology and democratization of hospitality, more and more independent hotels are opting for smart hotel management software that would help them in cost-saving, efficiency, and keeping them fully connected to all booking opportunities. 

Examples of solutions in a Hotel Management System are:

  • Channel Manager 
  • Property Management System
  • Reputation Management
  • Revenue Management 
  • Booking Engine
  • Website Builder
  • Order Processing
  • Online Listing Management

Choose ZEN Hospitality Solutions for Smart Hotel Management Software

ZEN Hospitality Solutions is the only company in Southeast Asia that provides Revenue Management Solutions with built-in Channel Manager and add-ons. It is also the exclusive partner of eZee in the Philippines and Indonesia and offers online hotel management software both on a la carte basis and as a software suite.

Services offered by ZEN Hospitality Solutions 


If you’re looking to bring down operations costs, increase revenue via smart pricing  (up to 365 days ahead), and stay ahead of the competition in online visibility then our AI-powered all-in-one Revenue Management Solution with built-in Channel Manager from eZee and supports of other add-ons like Booking Engine, Online Listing Management, Reputation Management Tool, Customer Service, and Reputation Management is perfect for all hoteliers.

eManager Express

The most budget offering from ZEN Hospitality Solutions, eManager Express is a lighter version of eManager and comes with the same AI-powered Revenue Management and Asia’s #1 CMS from eZee. Just like eManager, this software used in hotels is compatible with various add-ons from eZee software for a customized package based on individual hotelier’s needs. For as low as $75, a hotel can get onto a smart hotel management software and start seeing a significant impact on its revenues and profit.

eManager Pro

Features: All eManager features + added Pro benefits: Reputation Management Tool, Booking Engine, Free Website Creation Platform and Hosting, Monthly Social Media Content Pack

Features offered in eManager Hotel Management Software (including optional):

  • PMS
  • Channel Manager
  • Revenue Management
  • Online Listing Management
  • Customer Service
  • Reputation Management Tool
  • Booking Engine
  • Order Processing

eManager Hotel Revenue Management Software has 

  • Most advanced pricing algorithm powered by AI
  • Is tailor made for maximizing revenue with up to 365 days smart pricing
  • Works across all major OTAs
  • Dedicated pricing expert for every hotel with personalized reports, insights, and guidance 
  • Fully integrated with eZee Hotel Management Software Solutions including Property Management System and Channel Manager

eZee Hotel Management Software brought to you by ZEN Hospitality Solutions

ZEN Hospitality Solutions is the exclusive partner of eZee in the Philippines and Indonesia. With eZee, we offer you a full range of software and service solutions for your property.

The hotel management software from eZee includes: 

  • Cloud Property Management System and Channel Manager
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Hotel Review Management Software
  • Hotel Website Builder Solution
  • Reservations & Payments Processing
  • Advanced Revenue Management Software
  • OTA Listing Optimization

eZee Absolute

The advanced Property Management System combines PMS, Channel Manager, and booking engine into one solution and offers key services like:

  • Property Management System
  • Front Office Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Pre-arrival, Post-departure – Email Notification
  • Online Bookings
  • Rate Management
  • Mobile Guest Portal

FAQs Related to Hotel Management System 

1. What is a Property Management System?

A property management system also known as PMS is a tool that contains various solutions for hoteliers to manage their property’s day-to-day operations including reservation, maintenance, analytics, and billing among others. The purpose of a property management system is to save costs, reduce time via automation (since all these tasks require high manual labor), and lead to better efficiency. 

4 reasons why your hotel needs a Property Management Solution

  • It is a one-stop solution to access all your guest data, reservations and analytics 
  • It keeps you connected to various online channels including Channel Manager
  • It helps in automating daily tasks like reservation, billing, invoicing, thus saving precious man-hours and money
  • Offers you great quality guest data to take meaningful actions

2. What type of hotel management software services does Zen Hospitality Solution provide?

ZEN Hospitality Solutions offers two main services:


Revenue Growth and Pricing Solutions.

Powered by Advanced Artificial Intelligence

eZee Software

World’s #1 Hotel Software.

Save Time & Improve Operational Efficiency

3. What is the relationship between eZee and ZEN Hospitality Solutions?

eZee and ZEN Hospitality Solutions are backed by Yanolja, the #1 OTA in South Korea (which is backed by Booking Holdings).

  • eZee is the Global #2 Hotel PMS Provider
  • eZee is a global leader in hospitality technologies, #1 in Asia
  • Offers award-winning solutions to 22,000 hotels in 170+ countries

ZEN Hospitality Solutions is the only Exclusive Partner of eZee in the Philippines & Indonesia 

  • Offers localized custom eZee solutions
  • Provides software at lowest, market tailored rates
  • Offers English & Bahasa-support

eZee and ZEN Hospitality Solutions are sister companies.